Secret’s Out…


Hospital gift shops are the best shopping, EVER!

Here’s the why and why…

My niece, a teacher, broke both her leg bones above the right ankle.  She was running down a hill with her students.  Don’t tell me teachers don’t give their all for the kids!  She had surgery to pin the bones last Friday.  My sister and I spent the day with her, and during some down time, we browsed the gift shop at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison.

Surprisingly, hospital gift shops have amazing variety.  You can find just about anything, from the obvious of flowers and cards to birdhouses and garden supplies.  There are toys, jewelry, snacks, tschotchkes, wind-chimes, journals and even clothes.  Think airport shop on steroids.

You’d think with a monopoly, so to speak, the prices would be outrageous.  For some things, this is true.  I personally found two fabulous, one-of-a-kind jackets for…wait for it…50% OFF!  My sister found little shoes with rubber soles made from diver’s wet-suit material.  They are styled like Mary Janes’ in black and red, also 50% off.  I’m not sure, but I’m guessing only the two of us could turn a day at the hospital into a bargain hunter’s shopping spree.

Now that I’ve leaked this highly secretive information, I’m sure people will flock, and some of those shops all over the country will have a very profitable next two months.  I knew you could catch a lot of things in a hospital.  I just never though it would be a stunning, eye-catching, pink and black polka dot jacket at a bargain price.


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  1. ALSO….a lot of hospital gift shops are run by the hospital “guild”….and they use their profits to do something for the hospital. All the depts. are jockeying to get “their” new piece of equipment. At Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, years ago, the Guild got sick of the politicking and asked the accounting dept. to go through the files and find patients who had faithfully paid a small amount for years….then they paid off some patient bills with it and sent a grateful letter to the faithfully paying for working on their debt. Paul had an 11 day hospitalization in isolation for a never identified lung abscess . Big bill, no insurance. We had paid on it every month, what we could. BRILLIANT PR, and a caring community thing to do. Many families felt relief. So…not only bargains, but benefit your community hospitals in this way.

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