The positive emotion of seeking…


Is what Temple Grandin writes about in her book, Animals Make Us Human. My sister and I listened to this book as we drove from North Carolina to Wisconsin a few weeks ago. Dr. Grandin says that if a person engages the positive emotions of animals, then we humans can reinforce behaviors that will create a happier relationship between humans and their animal companions. It is a wonderful book backed by lots of valid research, practice, and implementation. It makes head-slapping sense.

My sister made the connection with human seeking as a source of pleasure, and in our family, we seek great bargains and good buys. Our mom is the master seeker, and we are but minor practitioners. Today was the perfect example. Our favorite thrift store in Madison, Wisconsin is Agrace Hospice Thrift. It was the Grand Opening of the Janesville shop, and Mom had already peeped in the windows yesterday to check out the stuff. She had her eye on a pottery bowl, and there was no way she would let anyone else have a go at it, if it was humanly possible. I just love that woman. We were in line first, naturally, forty-five minutes before the doors opened. I am sure we made good footage for the camera-woman filming for the local news. I actually believe our presence in the front of the store gave the forty people behind us in line the inspiration to flock.

If you ever want to find the best of the best, go shopping with our mom. She has the magic, for sure. She can spot items no one else would give a second look, and we just load up the cart. The strategy is to cover the store, then park the buggy in a corner, go through our choices, and weed out what we don’t really love. We yay or nay for each other, and head for the check out. I really miss the companionship and the perfect eye when I am home in North Carolina, and shop by myself.

The seeking of the bargain makes us happy. The piles of our purchases make the retailers happy. Shopping with my family makes me happy. Dr. Temple Grandin knows what she’s talking about. It doesn’t get more positive than that.


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