I love being an American as much as anyone.  I am grateful for the freedom to worship as I choose, the protection of our armed forces, and the ability to vote for our representatives in government, though these days it doesn’t seem to do any good. 

But in considering freedom, I have a whole different appreciation.  After more than three years of singlehood, I have come to think of freedom in a different way.

 It is God at the center of my life.

Freedom is peace of mind.  It is feeling safe, and not having heart palpitations and panic attacks.  It means not feeling constantly anxious.

Freedom is being worry free, allowing myself to let go of what I cannot change.  It is trust.

Freedom means feeling empowered to make decisions, and not having to explain every action. It means not having to constantly apologize.  It means coming and going without reporting at every step of the day.

Freedom is being able to talk to my sisters on the phone whenever I wish, not just in the presence of another.  It is being with people who truly love me, and feeling that love.  Freedom is NOT just another word.  It is one of the best words.  Happy Independence.


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  1. Good one! Can you send your blog log in to evie at She has a client who might be helped by past blogs and this one would be great too! I am in Indiana bringing Ina home and per chance might stop on my way home if the timing works out. Love you

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