Hattie the Wonder Dog, aka…


Hattie is what is known as an “aggressive” chewer.  It is kind of remarkable, as she is such a sweet and delicate looking dog.  Looks can be deceiving, though.   I have to buy her the black Kong toys, and I spent the two months at my sister’s cleaning up after and apologizing for “Miss Destructo.”   I discovered that she was a fierce chewer early on, but I hoped she would out grow it.  She hasn’t.

When she was a pup, she would open up every single stuffed toy, dig out the stuffing, scatter it across the floor, and destroy the squeaker.  She still does that.  Her trainer told me to buy the toys that had the nylon fabric, and she wouldn’t be able to tear those apart.  I found one such toy, called a Flappy, and bought it in the quantity of five.  She did tear them up, but it took her longer to do so.  Those five lasted several months, but when they were gone, I stopped buying her stuffed toys. 

I don’t know what fresh weakness came over me the other day, but when I was in Walgreen’s at the corner of Happy and Healthy, I caved, and bought Hattie an unstuffed fox.  Seriously.  It was empty, except for the squeaker.  I figured it would be around for about twenty minutes, but at least she would have a happy twenty minutes shredding it, and I hadn’t bought her a birthday present.

Imagine my amazement to see that the fox is her “baby.”  Yes, she did open it up and chew up the squeaker, but it took two days to accomplish that.  She does mouth it, but mostly, she carries it from room to room, and even sleeps with it.  I put it in her toy basket.  She brings it out and waves it at me.

What does the fox say?  Not much anymore, but it is still around.  I am thinking about going back to Walgreen’s and getting a lion, a skunk, a cheetah, and a weasel.  They aren’t my favorite animals, but they may be Hattie’s.  It will be the best twenty dollars I have spent in a long time, and after all, Christmas will be here before I know it.


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