Body language…


I get Oprah’s magazine every month. My friend-sister gave me this subscription, and I really enjoy the positive, validating, affirming articles contained therein. One of my favorite features is from contributors who answer the same provocative statements for the writers to complete. I always think about what my answers would be to the same questions.

Not too long ago, the fill-in statements were about body image, and WOW! I really thought about what my responses would be. Body image is something I have struggled with my entire life. I have believed myself to be chubby and soft. At times, I have been told I was too skinny and gaunt. While I try to be physically active, doing yoga and lifting weights, in a twenty-four hour day, I do the exercise part about an hour, max, and what I would rather be doing…sitting and reading or sewing the other fifteen waking hours. I have not been anorexic or bulimic, but I have certainly understood, a little, those who have eating disorders.

So, here are my responses to complete the statements:

The three words that best describe my body are…busy, useful, ever-changing.

When my body needs a pick-me-up…I dig in the dirt or rake, and then have a margarita.

I was shocked when I learned that my body could…diagnose my emotional state before my mind recognized despair. My body tends to fall away, to the extreme, when I am in an emotional crisis mode. I chub-up when I bounce back. Then I have to work at attaining a good balance. This is at least a three year process, and has happened to me three times in my life. I hope all that is over, but it probably isn’t.

In my next life, I’d like the body of…(now this one, I have multiple responses) a pampered poodle, who gets total care and devotion; OR Peter Pan…I always wanted to fly; OR a runway model, tall, thin, with lots of thick, heavily-bodied, softly curled auburn hair.

Seriously, in my next life, I would like to be an angel, looking down on and guarding/guiding a woman just like me, who is glad to have a working healthy body, and just wants a little balance and TLC.


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