Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup…


That is just about my all time favorite comfort food. Oh, and Mashed Potatoes.

Anyway, Autumn dropped by with a bang this week, and though one day it was sunny and perfect, the next it was very cool and rainy. We need the rain. I mowed dust on Monday.

With the arrival of Autumn, I had the guilty pleasure of fixing myself a beautiful lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I am not sure when this classic combination became my go-to for self-soothing, but the other day, when I first bit down into the crisp warm bread and oozy American “cheese food,” I was happy. Not that I wasn’t before. I was just happier.

I am not particularly a foodie. I don’t remember food; I remember the people and places. Pizza night at my brother’s every Tuesday night is not about the pizza at all. It is about gathering around their large table with the kids, and joining in the conversation and laughter. I barely cooked for the Australians when they were here, and breakfast everyday for the boys was toast. Seriously.

When I first began living alone, I barely ate at all, and that didn’t work very well for me. Then I decided I was going to love myself enough to cook for myself. Naturally, the pendulum swung too far, and I was eating all the wrong things. Now, I am back on track, and doing a better job of feeding myself in a more balanced way.

The “cheese food” was left over from the way-past. That stuff never spoils. It is a bit concerning. The bread was the last remnants of those toast breakfasts served to my honored guests. The soup was Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper. Score.

I am glad for the change in weather. It is my very most favorite time of the year. I picked up colorful maple leaves off the ground to send to my Arizona little ones, and it will stop raining soon, and warm up a little again. I hope just tomato soup will do it for me until then.


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  1. Love this one, Deb. :> I still miss ol’ BMES cafeteria: real soup made right there, and grilled cheese (one bite was enough, kinda greasy!)

    I eye “grilled cheese” cookbooks with over 100 different breads and fancy cheeses. I feel I have eaten after drooling over them. :> I am happy with good bread and a good cheddar or jack. I use olive oil instead of butter. Still very yum.

    In my family I am afraid it was not all about the food but we placed good memories on a food target. “Remember when we had lobster in Maine? Remember when Mom made the turkey that wouldn’t cook? Remember when we always got butterscotch lifesavers in the car on long trips? Remember Grandmother Smith used to keep Juicy Fruit gum in the dishtowel drawer? Remember Grandfather Smith had to be the one to pick and prepare the cantalope? Remember when Granddaddy Scott turned his plate upside down when Grandmother Scott tried to serve him vegetables?! Remember the first time I made the perfect pumpkin pie? (Well, I can’t ask Paul that anymore, but I remember…..and Stef knows how to make it! — 1/2 and 1/2 instead of condensed milk, and freshly ground spices!)

    Autumn has always been my favorite too, Deb. It is coming slow here, but it is coming. 66 the low last night though 100 the day! Still, the light has changed. Equinox has come. The juniper wood is stacked and ready. This week Tom and I got the house and yard wooden things stained completely! Putting in the garden is kind of late. Been waiting for the staining to be done and the new moon to come. Rain expected Saturday. Probably put in the garden Monday. Stef and I are going to take my new dog, Taijitu, and go to Christpher Creek for TWO NIGHTS ALONE! and babysit Patsy Cline. We haven’t had this kind of time together since her high school graduation and she didn’t really want it then! But now she does. Looking forward to mountain time, home to plant, and then SETTLE into autumn.

    Now, Taiji and I go for a short walk before I go to yoga. What a life! I am grateful.

    When I next indulge in grilled cheese, I am gonna think of you. That soup is GREAT. And if you get their squash soup? add a little jalapeno, even if canned. Yum.

    Happiest autumn. Hug. Kath

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