Raking leaves…


Is my new, favorite workout. As my priest says, “There can’t be an Easter Sunday without Good Friday.”  We can’t have those glorious colors without having to rake the leaves when they fall.

Today, I was out raking leaves, and I was charmed. Now, “charmed” is not a word I would ever before have used to describe raking leaves.  Frankly, it wasn’t the raking of the leaves that was charming, but Mr. Beedle Weedleman, orange cat and resident entertainer, that was the charming part.

He was in the middle of it all. I first noticed him crouched behind a small pile that I had already accumulated.  As I drew a rakeful of leaves closer to that pile, Beedle flattened himself.  Next, he made himself even more flat, if that was possible.  Then he pounced.  He attacked the rake, rolled over, crouched again, and leapt.

He landed in the pile of leaves like a six-year-old child would.  I got my workout.  I was entertained.  Beedle successfully battled the leaves and the rake.   In his mind, he won.  I’d say it was a win all around.


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