The squirrels and the pumpkins…


Among my autumn decorations were two orange pumpkins and a green pumpkin-looking squash. One of the pumpkins, I parked in a front flower bed, and the other two, I parked on a bench in my front yard. It was a very artful and festive arrangement. The squirrels thought so, too.

I began to see teeth marks in the surface of one of the pumpkins. Then deeper scrapes. Then a hole. Autumn wore on. Halloween passed. Thanksgiving came and went. I began to gather up the pots of dead mums, split wood bushel baskets, and other bits of fall décor in order to make room for Snowy the Polar Bear, a red sled, and my Christmas outdoor greenery and lights. Still, I left the green squash and the one orange pumpkin on the front bench.

One day in very, very early December, I looked out my front window to see a squirrel’s derriere complete with bushy tail, poking up from an enormous hole in the pumpkin! I laughed out loud and took a picture. Well, why not? Squirrels gotta eat, too.

My sister had given me a concrete pillar, which I put in the back for birdseed. Of course, the squirrels would clean it off before any birds could get to it. I moved all remaining squash to the top of the pillar, and gave the squirrels full permission to chow down. As if they needed my okay.

All that remains now, are a couple of hunks of pumpkin, some stray seeds, and a lone stem. Glad I could be of some assistance. It may be a long, cold winter.


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  1. This is great Deb. We grew 6 little pumpkins, not really worth trying to make food out of, so the chickens get one occasionally and they work their way in and eat the seeds. I love the word image of squirrel derriere….post the photo!? The javelina are here in force every night! They can’t get in the garden but they destroy some prickly pear every night. Was getting frustrated until I realized it is my least favorite prickly pear, an ornamental with VERY TINY AWFUL spines that are way too close to the The Cluckery. So actually they are landscaping for me. LOL.

    Our Christmas welcome is so very Christmas-y and wintry that I love slowing down enough to remember….we are still in AUTUMN….untl the 21st. And I am really an AUTUMN baby, though I came home on Christmas Day (5# premie). :>

    I saw Phyllis Smit yesterday; here briefly from Mexico and I get their mail here and keep them posted on it by email. Tom made them pizza! at 3:30 in the afternoon. They had to get into a condo for a short week before dark. She had some eye surgery a few months ago and also lost her Dad at that time and couldn’t go to the funeral. But she is okay. Beau is okay, with girlfriend, now in Costa Rica, though they had a lot of summer time with them in Walker. Just FYI, another old BMES friend. I think of how BMES gave me a place in the community here and how appreciative I am to live in a “small town” and know people for a long time. I like running into parents from long ago at the post office or store, and hearing about grown kids, etc.

    I am getting take out Chinese wiht Stef on Friday and lots, so there will be leftovers on my BD and no cooking. But I am making myself a cake. I saw a recipe for TRES LECHE cake….3 milks….kind of traditional cake in Mexico. My sister has had it in the hispanic community in So. Calif she works with. I am a dairy queen; just sounded good. So ya, indulgence this weekend, then Solstice Day:hiking it off!

    Just FYI and love to you Deb.


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