Out with the old…


And in with the new. For the second year in a row, my sister and I sent up a Chinese lantern. They are big paper balloons with a paraffin disk that is lit. The paraffin burns, and the heat makes the balloon rise. I think it’s called physics.

It was about 9 PM on New Year’s Adam (Adam came before Eve). The temperature was 7 degrees F. Yes. That’s 7. Anne wore her gray CuddlDuds, SmartWool socks, and Bogs. I wore my thermal red p.j.’s sprinkled with white and silver stars (Christmas type/long underwear-style jammies), and Anne’s Fargo boots complete with fur tops. We both wore our knee-length puffer coats, mine good to -3.

Anne lit the disk. I took the blurry and inadequate photos. Into the clear, country-black starry, starry night, we watched the balloon drift far to the east, rise, and we let go of 2014.

Then we welcomed all the possiblitites of the new year; happiness, prosperity, good health, faith, family, and love. The best of 2015 to you.


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  1. What a beautiful letting go ceremony. We burn a part of the Christmas tree trunk from the year before and write a note of what to let go of a d let the smoke carry it away….don’t you just love smart wool socks!

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