Dear Dream Reader,


My second “assignment” for Blogging University, course 101 is to write to you.  I actually write to you each time I compose and post a blog, but this is a direct address.  First, thank you for reading me.  Second, I love you…just sayin’.  Most of you are related to me, and if you aren’t, it seems as if you are.  So thanks for being part of my family and being interested in what I am doing and thinking.  Thanks for commenting on my posts and encouraging me.  I try not to be high maintenance”  but I am, I guess.

Since I live alone, you have been my partner in conversation.  That means a lot.  You have laughed with me, cried with me, and helped me “pull up my big-girl panties,”  which by the way, those are a bit bigger after the holidays.  I am working on that for another blog.  I digress, though.

I know those of you that have read me from the beginning, have seen a lot of personal growth, and maybe growth in my writing skills .  Those who have picked up in the middle see a lot of musings.  Those that are new, see an observer.  I am trying to observe right back.  I think of you each time I write, I couldn’t live this life without you.  Anyway, again, a huge thanks and a big hug.



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