“Who are you?”


I get asked this question often.  Actually, I have been asked this question everyday for the last two weeks at the school where I substitute.  It makes me feel a little like a person with Associative Identity Disorder, which actually is not really funny, but I digress.  You see, I will sub for any grade level in that school, and it goes from the three-year-old pre-school class right on up to eighth grade.

The past two weeks, I have been the Computer Lab teacher, one of the three-year-old classes’ teachers, the teacher of 8th grade English, Literature, and History, which also includes 6th and 7th grade History, and 6th grade Lit.  (Not much difference between the 3’s and the middle schoolers, by the way.)  Then I got a Pre-K class gig (age 4), and next week, I am in the Kindergarten.

Since it has now become a joke at school when I am asked, “Who are you,” I decided that this life of mine should be a television sit-com.  Really, it wouldn’t be any odder than a weekly show about a bunch of science geeks or one about a “blackish” family.  Since it is my very own show, I get to do the casting.

The name of my show is, Who Am I on Monday?  I choose Sandra Bullock to play ME.  Pretty good choice, huh?  Can’t you just see Sandra dressed to the nines, showing up to school for Field Day, and being assigned the Dunk Tank?  Or, her ending up leading a class of first graders on a Field Trip and having a kid get his head stuck between the iron bars of a fence.   As a matter of fact, both of those have happened to me in real life, but I think Sandra Bullock would do it better than I did.

In real life, some days are diamonds, and some days are stones.  They are all hilarious, after the fact, and with the distance of time, though.   For now, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Well, maybe I would change me into Sandra Bullock.  On second thought, maybe not.


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  1. Wouldn’t change you for Sandra at all? Real life stories are honest, some not so gramerous and others that are precious and priceless. Just say’in. XO

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