And we are counting down…


Only a few more days until spring officially arrives.  I can’t wait.  I am seeing signs all around me.  The one, two, three of the season have shown their stuff.  The crocuses are in their glory, daffodils are about to pop open, and the forsythias have their yellow buds.  There are two violets in bloom in my yard, and many, many more to come, I am sure.  The dogwood has little nubbies on the branches.  My irises have broken through their leaf blanket, and the day lilies are poking out of the mulch, as well.  Up the street, the pink of the cherry trees are about to create their annual grand canopy.

We have had a few warmish days, though there was a setback late last week.  Today, though, the sun shone by noon, and my pup was lying on the warm concrete showing off her new buzz cut.  Daylight Savings Time has made the late, late afternoon glow through my front windows.

Yes, we are in the countdown.  The bluebirds are out to say hello.  Ah, happiness.


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