How far is a 5K?


I walked in a 5K “race” this morning with my brother, his mother-in-law (whom I love very much), and his youngest daughter.  It is the third year I have walked this “race,” but the first time I have done so with my brother.

My first year, I fell and broke my right wrist the day before the race.  I sat in pain and grief on my brother’s front porch, and miserably watched a world of strangers pass me by.  The next year, one of my new teaching friends took me under her wing, and we have trained and walked in the same day ever since.  We laugh about that.

This year my friend was unable to attend, and I had to find my own walking friend.    Who knew that would be three of my favorite people?  We weren’t last to come over the finish line, but we were close.   We weren’t really racing, thus, the quotation marks above.  We were contributing to the support of St. Leo School through our registration fee.  We were joining our communities (neighborhood, school, and faith) by participating, and we were reconnecting with each other after many busy days.  We were getting good exercise.

Five K isn’t that far.  It is only a little over 3 miles.  Sometimes I walk that in one day just going to and from school/church and about my business.  Today it wasn’t that far, either, but it was a big distance from my former life.  It was the distance of a lifetime.


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