“When you’ve got your health,


You’ve got just about everything.”   That was the tagline from an old television commercial.

I have been blessed with amazingly good health.  Oh, I get my share of colds, and when regularly teaching, I would struggle with my annual “back-to-school” sore throat, and my Christmastime laryngitis.   However, I have all my original organs, and have only had a couple of very, very minor surgeries.  You know… wisdom teeth removed (thanks, Dad!), a mole cut out here and there, and an arthroscopic knee surgery back in the 80’s.  Yes, I am blessed.

I guess my essentially good health is the reason that I was knocked for a loop the last three weeks when I developed a pretty wicked case of bronchitis.  At first, I thought I had allergies.  The pollen is like the driven snow this time of year.  The congestion escalated, though.  Then the dry, but croupy cough came on, leaving me sore and weak.  A few nights were exhausting, and I finally dragged myself to the walk-in clinic two Tuesdays ago, to get an official diagnosis, some antibiotics, and a killer cough syrup.  I love modern medicine.

I allowed myself total isolation and complete couch-rest, and slept as if I had been fighting insomnia for months.  My little Hattie-dog didn’t get walked, and she was the perfect nurse dog, lying beside me all the while.   I’d “nap” for three hours a couple of times a day, and then succumb to twelve hour sleep-filled nights.

I am still recovering, but I have resumed most of my daily activities.  I knew I was on the mend, when I was able to walk the dog and go for a full day without a snooze.  I didn’t appreciate my good health, until I didn’t have it.  I am glad it only took an upper respiratory infection to remind me of my greatest gift.


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  1. Oh so true Deb….glad you took the tincture if time rest cure (codeine cough syrup oh yeah )…SO happy you are on the mend. …love, kath

  2. Oh!! Poor Deb! I didn’t see this until I checked my aol emails (it didn’t show on FB). I’m so glad you are finally feeling better. It is so true, though, that not being able to breathe properly really makes a person grateful for and able to notice good health!

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