Road Trip!


My two Wisconsin sisters came to whisk me back to Wisconsin. They drove hundreds of miles over two days, battling holiday traffic, to spend the weekend in North Carolina. Their usually fourteen hour trip was extended by three hours of the freeway-parking lot experience, and it was all to bring me “home” to the farm for the summer. Isn’t that a gift?

When I first reconfigured my life, I made a list. I didn’t want to call it a “bucket list,” because I was living not dying, so I called it my “life’s desires.” The list was made four years ago, and I have accomplished quite a few things on the list. I made a pilgrimage, landscaped a yard, wrote a blog, and made a road trip with my sisters. Actually, I have made a few of them now.

I have written about my three sisters. Two of us have the same mother, and three of us have the same father. I am in the intersecting oval of the Venn diagram. I am significantly older, from twelve to eighteen years older, than the other girls. We didn’t grow up together, but we are fast adult friends, all of us.

This past weekend was the second time in my life that all of my sisters were together with me. We had a great time doing two of the things we all love to do, shop for a bargain and laugh. It was wonderful. Then our baby sister stayed home to take care of kitties, and we three Remleys drove north, phoning the baby frequently to keep her apprised of our whereabouts.

Our road trips haven’t had the excitement or activity of the ones in the movies. We don’t dally much, and our stops are at restrooms and fast food places, rather than bars or places of interest. We use that time to get ourselves, our family, and the world all straightened out, and to laugh a lot at silly things. We use it to make up for lost time. Perfect.


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  1. Debby what a joy to see your happiness! You are truly Blessed! My best to your sisters.

    Love Dad

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