Horses and Dogs…


My family here in Wisconsin has always had horses in their lives. For a very brief while, a year ago, they sold the horses and tried to go cold turkey, but that didn’t work out very well for them.

This visit, I personally haven’t seen any horses yet, but I know they are there. People disappear to go feed. Others show up and hang out in the barn. The manure spreader in front of the barn looks full, and I’m sure I’ll see someone working a horse or two on the track in the next week or so.

The track is a half-mile oval. It has been refurbished. The last few years, it was weedy and rutty. Now it is smooth and covered with nice pea gravel. Those that know say it is as nice as any track in the state. That is probably track-proud talk, but I am sure they are close to being right.

Today, I brought over my little dog, Hattie, for a walk. She hasn’t been over to Grandpa’s and Grandma’s much. Their old dog, Kaisa, liked little dogs for snacks. This year, the folks have a new-to-them dog they call Heidi.

Heidi was rescued by them for $50 from a person who said she’d been a drop-off, and she had lived in an outdoor kennel for a year before she was re-homed to the farm. She’s a good girl, and she liked Hattie.

It was a pleasant walk. The breeze kept me cool enough, though I think “the girls” had a different opinion. At the end of the first lap, they both took a break to lie down in the shade. I was near the first turn of the second lap when I looked back to see Hattie at full run, ears back, catching up with me. Heidi lumbered behind.

It’s horses and dogs and a beautiful, sunny Wisconsin day. What could be better?


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  1. Not much could be better. Mwah to you!

    Here’s new dog , new Silkies, hiking with Stef. Good here too

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