Tim the Tool Man had the right idea…


I came onto the power tool scene late in life, but better late than never. My first power tool that I bought my own self was the electric screwdriver/drill. Next, I discovered the power blower, the electric lawn mower, and the battery-operated weed whip. Recently, I bought a power washer. Hoo-boy.

I purchased my Ryobi power washer this summer so that I could power wash and seal my deck. It was a year, at least, overdue. Let my give the back-story. My former spouse was a general contractor, of a certain generation, and able to make, fix, do anything. I started out as his “yard boy,” and became his best lackey. I now wonder if he maneuvered this position to control me, but that is another post. Anyway, we/he built a deck on our home, and I was the person that glued and pegged over one-thousand countersunk screw holes. I was also the person that scrubbed and sealed our deck every year. Often, I was directed to do this job on my hands and knees with a scrub brush. Sometimes, I was “allowed” to use said brush with a handle.

When I had the deck on my very own tiny house replaced, I sealed it the way I knew, on my hands and knees with an old t-shirt soaked in the Thompson’s Water Seal formula. It was not my favorite job, and so I let it go a year too long. Hence, a two-year-old deck that was much grayed and in need of attention.

I decided to get a power washer because I was given an estimate of $400 to power wash my house. Now, you don’t need to be a Mensa member to figure out that I could buy a power washer for $200 and do the job myself. I am not that young, but I am fit and capable.

I completed the deck job a couple of weeks ago, and rested up for the driveway job. I know my house needs to be power washed, but I wasn’t so sure about cleaning my driveway. I am not Dutch, after all. Nevertheless, I decided my drive would be my next power washing project. I was amazed at the miracle a power washer wrought when I cleaned my deck. Holy cow! That miracle was minor compared to the difference the process made on my driveway.

It will be a couple of weeks before I tackle the cleaning of my house. I have carpel tunnel syndrome (doesn’t everyone?), and the power washer is pretty hard on my hand, so I will need a rest. While I am resting, I think I will research and buy a Skill saw. I KNOW that I need one.



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  1. Well, you are amazing. I am a lover of power tools myself. This summer I bought a small chain saw to cut down some brush, but it is still sitting in the box in the garage. It’s hot. I have all fall to do it, right? Keep writing – you have a gift.

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