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I have written about my love of Farmers’ Markets, and I do love a good one. Actually, I’ve never really been to a bad Farmers’ Market, now that I think about it. These days, though, I have a second love…The Produce Box.

The Produce Box is a company which delivers fresh produce right to my very own front door, every single week. How great is that? This is how it works: I signed up online, gave my credit card information, and every week on Friday, I get an email with the beautiful choice of a variety of boxes with clever names from which to select. I click the picture which identifies my choice, the company gives me until Sunday night to change my mind, charges my card on Monday, and on the upcoming Friday I find my box at the front door when I come home from the Y. If I don’t need the food, I check the “skip” box. If I am out of town for an extended period, I check a number of “skip” boxes.

I am just a one person household. I love nice, fresh, healthy food, but I don’t eat a lot. I usually pick the smallest type box, and I usually use all that comes to me by the following week. I follow the suggestion of The Produce Box, which advises putting a list on the ‘fridge and checking off the items when they are gone. I often use the recipes which come in my box, and I am trying different foods, different preparations, and eating seasonally fresh, nourishing dishes. It’s a good deal, all around.

Not only all of that, I am encouraging our local economy by helping the neighbor, who is paid for weekly delivery. I am helping the farmers who grow the food, and if you read my blog regularly or know me personally, you know how I feel about farmers. For some reason, I have little waste, and don’t toss as much as I do unused grocery produce. Almost best yet, I get to use all my nifty gadgets like my food processor, blender, slicer mandolin, and my chopper-upper to prepare my veggies.  This is a win, win, win all around.

Your area might have a similar program available. Check it out. It is beautiful.



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  1. Great!…..Today Trish brought the hens treats…told her your “hey” and she’d like to be in touch, and read your blog….so I gave her your email 🙂

    Yay end of summer!

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