A Murder of Crows…


“Crows are not evil, and they are not purposely trying to torment you. They are just being crows, trying to live their lives and feed their families.”  That‘s what I found when I began researching crows.  Why would anyone research crows, you may be asking yourself?

To begin at the sort of beginning…I live across the street from Silver Hill Cemetery.  It is a meadow-like area with no tombstones or markers of any kind.  The sign says it was established in 1892.  I love that place, and feel much protected by the spirits that are there.


The crows like that place, too.  There are many crow families that live in the tall pines, sweet gums, oaks, and maples that surround the meadow.  While I most love the Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Chickadees, and American Goldfinches that come into my yard, the crows pop on over, too.

This morning, I was reading my paper, drinking my coffee, and enjoying my breakfast smoothie, when the cawing of the crows invaded my piece of quiet.  It is not the first time their raucous noise got my attention, and I had wondered before what might cause such a clatter, and what a bunch of crows were called.  It turns out they are called a “murder.”

Now, I live alone.  I don’t watch The Walking Dead.  I could still have nightmares from seeing The Exorcist forty years ago, if I dwelt on some of the scenes, which I don’t.  In other words, I don’t read or watch anything scary.  And, I don’t like to think about murders, in any form.

When reading about crows, I found a lot of comfort in discovering that crows are just being crows.  I further found that, like my Wisconsin Sand Hill Cranes, crows mate for life.  I envy that about birds.  They live to be twenty-two years old.  That means that some of the babies born this summer may outlive me.  They are very community oriented, they eat 1000 different types of food, including French fries and grasshoppers, and they can count to six.  If that doesn’t make a person stop and think, I’m not sure what will.  This morning’s shrieking crows were probably trying to scare away my skulking cat from babies in nests.

Until today, I hadn’t really thought affectionately about my crow neighbors, but I made up my mind, I am going to put them up there among my favorites.  After all, like the Silver Hill spirits, they are protective.  And, they will be here long after I am gone.  I find both those thoughts to be reassuring.


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  1. Love your avian neighbirs….here, ravens…love their cawing and cackling, and sometimes their beak clicking. ..they are really big crows, basically …not very genetically different. There are wonderful books on ravens and crows. Life is to sort to appreciate everything. ..guess that’s why I always thought there will be more 🙂

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