My New Philosophy…



My lake friend and I were doing one of our most favorite things– perusing Marshall’s for some “I see it.  I want it.  I’m gettin’ it.” stuff.  Tucked behind the wall decorations was a little sign that just showed “…mplete me.”  Thinking it said, “You complete me,” we both were about to say how annoying that sentence was, when I pulled it out of the stack.

Whoa.  Now there was a philosophy I could live with!  I have a wall of words in my bedroom.  I have several hand-stitched samplers, an affirming framed card from my Arizona BFF,  an alphabet of encouragements, and a big message that got me through my darkest days about good things falling apart so better things can come together.  This little deal would fit right on that wall.

I didn’t buy it, though.  I didn’t “gotta have it.”  I took a picture instead, and remembered that I am living in gratitude. complete me.  Not anyone else.  God has given me this gift, this confidence, and this life.  I complete me.  My new philosophy.


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