Waiting for grits…


Well, I guess it is official.  I seemed to have relinquished my mid-western and south-western selves, and I have gone full-bore southern.  I had grits for breakfast this morning, y’all.  Not just any grits.  Not the Quaker grits of any type—quick or otherwise.  I fixed Trader Joe’s Stone Ground White Grits in the beautifully decorated black and white package.  As promised by T.J.’s, they were worth the 25 minute cook-time wait.


I am not a good waiter.  I pace.  I read.  I check the weather.  I check my email.  I even take photos.  Sometimes it gets really drastic, and I clean.  This morning, I did all of the above while I waited for my grits to cook, and I wondered why I wanted grits for breakfast.  I wondered why I even bought these grits.

The first time I ate grits, I was 16 years old.  I was on the road trip which relocated us from Indiana to North Carolina with my mom, step-dad, and little brother.  We spent the night in West Virginia, and had breakfast in a small mountainside café.  In those days, any southern restaurant meal would come with grits as a side dish no matter the time of day or the type of food.

I thought about this as I fussed and waited for this slow cooking porridge.  We have had much needed rain for the past five days.  It is pretty dreary looking outside.  It is autumn.  I guess I just wanted some comfort food, and the good kind.  Some people put sugar on their grits, but I can’t bring myself to do that.  I just had a hot, creamy serving topped with butter and salt and pepper.  I won’t be waiting for grits too often, but I am glad I did this morning.



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  1. I had my first grits at age 10, first wake up morning in Dallas before the drive to Waco, our new home. At the restaurant, on the plate with the eggs. We all looked at them, then each other with the “We’re not in Kansas anymore. ..” look. Later, at college, I had southern black roomates…I knew just how to eat those grits and eggs.

    103 today. ..I’d like some of that cloud and cool! Many comforts in store for you. DEB!

  2. Where are the eggs and country ham? And never call grits porridge. They are not. The go with something not like cereal. I will take you over to Oak Ridge to the mill and you can get freshly ground grits and other things like oatmeal, flour etc there. That is a trip worth doing.

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