The Pile Up


Yesterday, I was in a pile up.  Not to worry, though.  It wasn’t like that at all.

It was a dark and rainy day.  Again.  The temperature dropped significantly, and reluctant to turn on the furnace, I switched on my little red stove.   Stretched out on my red chaise lounge, I covered up with one of my many throws.  It was a good opportunity to just read.

I am going to digress here for a little back-story.  1. My red chaise is the craziest piece of furniture I have ever bought.  It is the statement piece of my living room decor, and just looking at it brings me joy.  It is something I could have never owned in my married life.  2. My grandmother crocheted avidly.  She made many cozy throws and afghans.  We all have some.  I crochet, too, and I love a good “blankie” to cover with, even in the summer.

So, there I was, deep into my book.  First, my little dog, Hattie, jumped up and made herself comfortable on top of my legs.  Moments later, Mr. Beedle Ray Weedleman joined us on my lower chest.  The whole living, breathing family of my household was piled up right there in front of the stove on the red chaise.  Yep, I was involved in a pile up…of just plain joy.

The red stove, the red chaise, a blankie, a doggie and a kitty, a really good book.  Hoo-boy.

IMG_0412 IMG_0418


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  1. Be warmed by many things, Deb 🙂 My chaise is PURPLE! A dog, a cat, a fire. My throws are down. Centuries of cold, centuries of creature comforts…little blessings are great blessings.

  2. Family and throws, in the moment, blessings of the warmth of critters… MULTITASKING at its best.
    I have a cat who is the twin of your gold cat.. his name is SIG, a good Scandinavian beasty!
    You bring much joy Deb, I look forward to HHH!

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