Dear Readers,



Imagine choosing your brand new calendar for the upcoming year.  It is fresh, crisp, pristine.  You open to the first days of the year.  The picture is inspiring.  The page is totally pure, though you do know what upcoming events you have waiting to be penciled on their appropriate days…return to work, dinner with a friend, a trip planned, guests expected, neighborhood gathering, book club, a dentist appointment.

Today, I flipped backward through my 2015 Mary Englebreit’s “There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Happy” week-by-week calendar.  The theme couldn’t be truer for my year.  I did not have too much happy this year.  I had enough.

I watched snow fall; rain pelt the ground; the sun warm the earth; and the leaves appear, green up, change colors, and flutter down. I had walks, tugs, snuggles with my little dog, Hattie, and my farm cat, Mr. Beedle Ray Weedleman.  I spent many days with children of all ages.  With them, I guided math concepts, read stories, played “Heads up, 7 up,” practiced tea serving, diagramed sentences, monitored exams, and studied for ACT College entrance testing.

I had many spring and early summer weeks on the farm with my folks and a goodly number of my siblings and their families.  I put up hay, attended a wedding, went to an auction, junk shopped, rang bells, sang with the church choir, played florist, and sat on the front porch drinking wine and philosophizing.

I walked in my North Carolina neighborhood, built a flagstone path to my front door, gardened, and watched the birds.  I organized my cupboards and drawers, read many books, wrote many blog posts.  I sang aloud to myself and danced around my living room.  I ate pizza with my nieces and nephews and their parents.   I made pickles and pies at my sister’s.  I laughed, dined, and discussed books with my neighbors.  I listened and shared with friends, and worshiped, prayed, and studied the word of God.  I served others.

I walked the beach for five beautiful days.  I exercised at the Y and attended yoga classes.  I began to ride my bike once again.  I decorated for the various seasons and holidays.  I went to dinner and movies with friends.  I planned a big trip for the coming year.  I went to the Lake.  I entertained friends from out-of-country, and gave thanks.  Back at the farm, I will spend Christmas and await the birth of my first great-nephew.

With my life coach, I am working on the concept of sufficiency.  More happiness wouldn’t make my life any better than it already is.  There may be no such thing as too much “happy,” but I am sure my year was one of enough “happy,” and that is all I need.  I hope yours was enough, as well.

May the blessings of God and the peace of Christ be with you now and forever.


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  1. So heartening…sufficient to the day…is the day!…love the richness of yours.

    About to freeze 4 nights so cut my solstice sunflowers a week early…snow on new river mesa, sugarloaf…desert winners. Xoxox. Kath

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