A Child is Born…


Yesterday, my niece and her husband welcomed their son into the world.  Oh, my.  It makes me well up just to string those words together.

We have been waiting for this baby the entire holiday season, and frankly, though this is NOT about me, I was hoping he would come before I returned home to North Carolina this week.

The due date was January 1, and around 8 AM, my sister got the text that her daughter was experiencing regular contractions.  By 4:30 PM, the-soon-to-be parents asked for back-up, and the soon-to-be-Gramma threw her stuff together and made the thirty minute drive through the dusk to the hospital.  I held down the fort at home.

After laboring for 22 hours, “our” baby was born on January 2.  He is perfect.  Mama and Papa are doing well, and the news spread throughout the land…well, our family, anyway.


Never having given birth, myself, I am overwhelmed by the miracle of it all.  Holding him was a privilege beyond description.  A perfect holiday gift, and what a way to begin a new year!




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  1. January 2nd was my mother’s birthday. It always makes me happy to hear of babies born on that day. Safe travels home.

  2. Yayyyyyy. Yes, indeed. I used to celebrate new year’s eve by walking to Cottage Hospital and going up to the maternity wing, and down the hall to say hi to all the new babies through the window. :)…and congratulate the new grands smiling out there . Happy for all your thrilled relations. 🙂 k

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