I am a member of Bachelor Nation…


I am not proud of this.  But, there you go.  I have been watching this show, and its counterpart, Bachelorette, since 2011.  I was pulled into this nonsense by my sisters and step-mom, who all watched it.  We found ourselves gossiping about the current episode each day after airing, as if we actually knew these people.  Dad even put in his two cents.

If you haven’t watched the show, this is how it works.  A handsome young man is introduced to a bevy of beautiful and charming, available women.  Through a series of weeks, the bachelor “dates” the women, eliminates some each episode, and narrows the preferred ones down to two.  Then, in a very dramatic and heartbreaking finale, one receives a marriage proposal, and the other, well, doesn’t.

Even though I agree this is a totally inappropriate way to meet, fall in love, and marry someone, I can’t keep away.  The “dates” are in expensive and exotic locations all over the world.  The date activities are also expensive and exotic.  Many involve airplanes or helicopters and rooftop or castle dining venues.  Some dates even include celebrities.  Tell me, how many dating couples experience any of those scenarios?

Then there are the dramas.  Well, it is television, and twenty-some women are vying for the same man.  There has to be some conflict.  Each season, there is at least one crazy, catty, fake woman.   She is the one we love to hate.  There are always tears.  Personally, I think the producers choose a few of these nut-balls to jazz things up.

So what draws all of us to become involved in such unrealistic, reality T.V.?  I don’t have the answer to that one.  I am not even sure I want to know the answer, but I am going to keep on watching, at least for this season.  It is my guilty pleasure, and I can’t wait to find out who will accept the rose.

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  1. Honesty is such a wonderful truth… and you have brought out BOTH sides of the reality show. I have not watched the show, but it seems to satisfy something as I have a sister-in-law who like you, sees both sides but still watches it. I think the good thing is that we see both sides of any situation… the ying and the yang, the positive and the negative… it is our thought to choose which one we will fill our lives with.
    Happy early spring Deb!

  2. I just wrote an article about why people watch reality tv, and clearly, each show does have different reasons. For you, with this particular show, it’s probably just because it’s like a fairytale, maybe pretending you’re one of the women, living this exciting, lavish lifestyle, for the duration of the show. It takes you out of your own life for a little while, and you can see that other people have problems too, perhaps more glamorous (or ridiculous) then your own. –btw, my analysis is general, as I know nothing of your life 🙂 it’s a guilty pleasure- or just a pleasure, no need for guilt, as long as you know the show is phony. 🙂

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