It’s a Great Big World Out There…


And it is really hard for some of us to get out there into the great big world.  I’m trying, though.  I am trying to get ready for an international trip for which I have been saving for two years, and it is boggling my mind.  I began the process, and it is not my first overseas trip, in November of last year.  That is when the dates were chosen.

In January, I got my visa, and I bought the appropriate sized luggage and back-pack for carry-on travel.  I am not a fan of carry-on.  I don’t like the idea of dragging my bags into the restroom stall with me, for one, and heaving the suitcase up into the overhead compartment is a nightmare.  But I was ready, and therefore willing.  I was ready for the adventure.  I even thought about what clothes to pack.

In February, I began firming up dates, reserving flights, deciding to visit family and friends to and from, since I am going to be on that side of the country, anyway.  Then, I began contacting said family and friends to ask if my visit would be convenient and accepted, and gathering papers.  I made copies, front and back of passport, credit cards, photo identification, and the picture of my favorite socks.  Just kidding about the socks.  I arranged for sitters for my pets.  I thought about what clothes to pack.

Now it is March.  I have finished confirming seats on all my fights, all four of them.  I have ordered foreign money, notified my credit cards of travel days, reserved a hotel for crashing so that upon my return I can rest and try to catch up with time changes before going on to my next destination.   It seems I am not only going to world travel, I am going to time travel as well.  I will be returning to the U.S. before I have left my overseas country.  I know.  As I said, mind-boggling.  I set up my phone for overseas use.  I put the mail, paper, and TV cable on hold.  I firmed up dates and times of arrival and airport pick ups.  I notified the school not to call me to substitute, and let my tutoring families know I would be away.  I thought about what clothes to pack.

My big adventure is just around the corner.  I am going to love every minute, even the carry-on bags in the restroom stall with me.  Getting ready is a pain in the ass.  Going is a dream.  I love living the dream.  Now, I just have to figure out what clothes to pack.



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