Happy Easter, Happy Spring…


Happy, happy everything, y’all!  Easter is early this year, and the weather isn’t stellar here in the North Carolina Piedmont.  The high has stretched to 60 degrees F, and the sun hasn’t peeped out all day.  It rained last night, and misted this morning, but it is still a beautiful day.  The cherry trees lining Carolina Circle are at their peak, maybe a titch beyond.  The dogwoods have popped.  The forsythias are at their most glorious.  Next door, the Easter Egg Hunt is about to begin.

FullSizeRender (20)

I have written before about the bestest neighbors, ever.  They have nine kids, but the first four are adults.  The middle ones are twins, about to finish eighth grade, and the remaining three are from sixth grade down to second.  The second grader has been my pal since I moved here, when he was three.  He visits regularly, and now he actually knocks before coming in.  He still just helps himself to the flashlight in the kitchen drawer to entertain my cat.  The other day, I noticed a note by my door saying, “Al was here.”  The dad has been in their yard with a paper grocery bag, tossing plastic eggs like nobody’s business.  It certainly isn’t mine, but I can’t help noticing and feeling joy at living among such youthful enthusiasm.

When we were little, our mom’s big thing was Easter.  Not because of the spiritual significance, but because of the Easter Egg Hunt.  She would place rhyming clues in the plastic eggs, and hand us the first one.  Each rhyme would lead us to the next egg with the next clue which would lead us to our Easter baskets.  I remember how glum she was when talking to her on the phone the year there were no kids home to write the clues and hide the eggs for.  Mom sure knew how to do a holiday.

In the time it has taken for me to write this, the eggs have been found, and the colorful dots in the yard have disappeared.  The running back and forth, and the squeals of delight from the little kids are over.  Glad I happened to catch it all.  It made me happy to witness it all, and brought me back to some sweet memories.  Happy Easter, happy spring, happy, happy everything.


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  1. Happy, happy everything to you too! STEF CAME, HIKE, BORSCHT and we made THESE:…. happy mom Easter for me

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