The Sydney Life 


From Manly to Lake Como, I have been soaking up Sydney.  Aren’t I lucky?  In the mornings, we walk from Bronte to Tamarama, and then go for a swim before the sun rises.  I’ve seen foxes and Max, the local Cockatoo.

I walk around the corner to Ruby’s for a coffee.  I’ve already checked out Vinnie’s, also around the corner in the opposite direction.

We walked from Queens Park to Centennial Park, making a big loop, and today is Zumba class.  The other day, we caught the train from Bondi Junction into Sydney City Center for lunch and shopping.

The typical American visitor doesn’t get this type of soaking in the culture.  It’s great not to be typical.

  These are Cockatoos at the Botanical Park.   They are a huge flock and very loud.  It’s sort of a typical touristy picture, so I am not as special as I thought.  Good to recognize the irony, though.


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