Deck Sitting …


Sitting on a deck is my peaceful place.  There’s nothing like sitting on the deck, and you can substitute patio or porch for deck, if you choose.  Decks are my thing.

My former spouse and I built the deck on our Arizona home, and I glued 8,649 wood plugs into the counter sunk screws that he used.  I counted them.  That deck was where we drank coffee every morning.  It was where we processed the events at the end of each day.  It was where we hosted a wedding, lots of Grandkids’ Days, and many family cookouts, and holiday events.  It was where we had the very volatile argument that was my last straw and the end of the end.   It was where we held hands and caught up on recent events a few weeks ago.

My deck at my tiny house is where I sat, contemplating purchase of said house.  It is where I watched the sun move, knowing that this is where I belong.  The the second summer after I bought my house, I had the old deck replaced, making it safer and more welcoming.

Lately, I have made the effort to sit on my deck whenever possible.  It is a mini-haven, and so I have reflected on the significance of deck sitting.  It is good to have a special outside place to meditate, relax, read the paper, and it’s nice to have a glass of wine while deck sitting.  Oh, and listen to the birds, watch my kitty and doggie stalk each other, and hear the neighbor kids running through the sprinkler or playing ball.  It’s a great place to play a game or 37 of Solitaire on my Kindle, too.  Listen.  It’s calling my name.



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  1. A great reminder that having such a place to “sit” and using it in that manner is a gift that often I forget to open!!

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