Another Birthday, Thank the Lord…


Four years ago, I published a blog entitled “Shootin’ Sh*t in Wisconsin.”  It got a lot of traffic, and that surprised me.  It was about spending my birthday with my siblings, and doing some target shooting at the farm.  I had a great time that birthday weekend.  I laughed with people I love like nobody’s business.  This weekend, I celebrated a birthday weekend at Lake Waccamaw with my friends that are just as much family as my Wisconsin folks.

Having a birthday, no matter how many of the numbers accumulate, is a gift.  There are a significant number of people who won’t have another birthday after last night.  That breaks my heart, and it breaks the hearts of all the people who loved those who were shot down like pigeons in a barrel, if you will pardon my using that simile.  Why someone would give up their life and leave their family, with children, because they didn’t like the way someone else lives is beyond my comprehension.

What I do comprehend is that America has got to do something about easy access to assault weapons and guns in general.  The Founding Fathers did not mean for the Second Amendment to be a blank check for mass murder, or murder of any kind, thank you very much.  No one in their right mind would even begin to assume such a thing.  As a matter of fact, the Amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  I am not a lawyer, but it certainly reads, “A well regulated Militia…”  The people who argue for the right to bear arms are not arguing for the cause of a Militia.  They are just arguing.

I am tired of seeing my country’s flag flying at half-staff for human beings, our citizens, being attacked and murdered for nothing but hate and anger.  That is not a human way to deal with others.  That is just inexcusable, and it needs to not be excused anymore.  The world doesn’t understand it, and neither do I.

And I got to have another birthday.  God bless America.

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