Happy Father’s Day, Moms…


It is Father’s Day.  Dads are great, and we all love the good ones, but let’s face it.  Dads would be “Nowhere’sville” without the women that stand by their sides.  That’s the God’s truth, and you know it.

I have known some incredible moms.  I knew them when I taught their kids, and taught their other kids, and then taught even more of their kids.  I know them in my own family…my sister, the ones married to my brothers, my step-mom, and even my own mother.  There are the remarkable moms that are my granddaughters, cousins, and my niece.  My Australian and my Lake Friend and my Arizona BFF are phenomenal mothers.  I see good moms that are my neighbors, teacher/co-worker moms and church friends.  I know, because most of these moms have “mommed” me.  These moms are all over the place, and all you have to do is look up, and cast your eyes to the space in front of you to notice how devoted they are to their children, and their men, if the men are even in their lives.  And devoted to their friends.

Nothing gets done without a woman spearheading it.  Nothing turns out well without a woman nudging the project along, and that includes, especially, the kids.

So on this Father’s Day, I recognize the men who have “daddied.”  But Moms, you rock the world.


This is my niece, and her baby boy, Spencer, born January 2, 2016.  Spencer says his Mom and Dad are super-duper!


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