A Few of my Favorite Things…


There are some very simple things that really bring me great joy, and I was listing them in my mind as I walked around the track today.  The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies, and I know almost all of the songs by heart.  I used to listen to the soundtrack on reel-to-reel tapes on a tape deck that my step-dad brought back from Okinawa when he returned from one of his tours back in the 60’s.  I can belt out almost word-for-word every lyric.  I sound really good…to myself, by the way.

So favorite things… I just really love fresh, crisp, clean sheets, and a freshly made bed.  Sunday nights are glorious for me, because that is when I change my sheets.  I wear fresh jammies, and turn on my fan, and crawl in and scrunch up.

The Carolina blue of the Wisconsin sky on a breezy, dry day is a perfect joy.  I have lain in the grass and looked up through the trees.  I have lain in the bed of a pickup and felt thrilled.

I can’t even tell you how laughing with my sisters makes me feel…or the hug of a brother.  Hoo-boy.

When I open Yahoo, and see that I have an email from my beasties, my heart races.  I know I will feel the pull of friendship, and am grateful that I have been blessed with these beautiful women in my life.

I love the way my little dog, Hattie, will lie on my chest when we take a nap together on the sofa after lunch.  And I really love a nap, too.  When Beedle Ray Weedleman (boy cat, extraordinaire) joins us, I am in heaven.

I find joy in a red or yellow autumn leaf.  I can hardly step over a perfectly colored leaf.  I pick them up, take them home, and put them on my kitchen table until they curl up, and I have to throw them away.  I found a craft of making a bowl from leaves that I am going to try, just to make them last a little longer.

FullSizeRender (8)

I love the smell of crayons, and I can’t help it.  Sometimes I believe that’s why I taught first grade for so long…so that I could smell Crayolas and arrange them by hue.

Freshly cut grass and new-mown hay are pretty special.  The look and the smell of the lawn send me back in time.  I also have a good bit of house-pride, so that attributes to my joy.

And bluebirds.  Seeing bluebirds makes me really happy.

Yep, it really doesn’t take much.  I’m a pretty cheap date. And now, I have the earworm of Julie Andrews, who I sound so much like in my own mind, and I must belt it out, My Favorite Things.  I wish you could hear me.


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  1. I DO hear you! Good post!

    Look what welcomed me home from my 3,562 mile, 7 state trip last Friday!

    E.joy three balmy last days of SUMMER!

  2. Deb,
    Favorite things are forever things in my perspective… fresh sheets from the line take my all time favorite for one smells the outdoors from the indoors. I believe that simple things are the best things, for we ask nothing of them… we just enjoy the moments with these daily run of the mill events and things. Your writings remind me of the true joys of life which should never be taken for granted.
    I shall miss your presence when you leave Wisconsin, you have touched your family so beautifully.

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