Wild Turkey”


Prior to this summer, the only Wild Turkey I’d seen was in the liquor/ABC store in the section of top shelf bourbons.  Today, I saw two flocks of the real wild turkeys, the birds, in two different places.  I have seen others on and off all summer.

So, I decided to do a little research.  Wild turkeys, which by the way were Benjamin Franklin’s choice of national bird, are found pretty much in all the states of the good ol’ U.S.of A.  They live in open fields and brush at the edge of forests.


The baby daddy has a harem of “wives,” and they mate in the spring, of course, and lay from eight to twenty eggs.  I can’t imagine that all those eggs would hatch and the chicks would survive, but that’s just me.  The mama raises the chicks, also of course.  In the winter, everyone goes off on their own, and I’m not sure what happens after that, but winters are harsh in Wisconsin.  While the whole co-families are together, before the empty nest part, literally, the chicks grow, and become teenagers, gawky and all.

The groups that I saw today, and other days, too, had a whole bunch of teenagers.  They are sort of a mess, but that shouldn’t be a surprise.  They were back and forth all over the shoulder, wanting to dash in front of my very slow moving vehicle, and behaving in an extremely indecisive manner.  Finally after much excitement, the teenagers and their confused and beleaguered parents flew up into a bunch of pine trees.

I know hunting season will come.  The wild turkeys will be targets, and some of the people in the farm neighborhood will have a wonderful entree’ for their Thanksgiving meal.  I would kind of hate to think that the guys I saw today might be dressed in their finest well-browned and crispy skin, but it is possible.  It’s enough to make me go vegetarian.





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