Bonnie’s Best…


img_2194Up Wilder Road from the folks’, there lived a woman named Bonnie Kheen.  Years and years ago, she found an apple tree in the woods island in one of the fields on her place.  The tree had been there, ignored, until her discovery.

She made some apple pies from the fruit she gathered.  Just two apples made one good-sized pie.  Her pies became well-known in the area, and people began to ask about the tree from whence these apples came.

A nursery man came out of Madison to visit Bonnie’s farm.  He, along with his cohorts, collected grafts.  The experts said the lone tree was from the Johnny appleseed era, and was thought to be a “volunteer” from bird droppings.  With permission, the new baby trees were named “Bonnie’s Best.”  People can go to Jung’s Nursery in Madison and buy the trees, plant them, and grow their own apples.

Not too long ago, a neighbor brought a bag of Bonnie’s Best apples to the folks’.  I’d been hearing the story of Bonnie’s Best for along time, but had never seen any of them.  They certainly are huge!

Bonnie’s Best aren’t stellar when eaten raw.  You don’t have to be a Mensa member to guess how I know.  They are best cooked, and they are great in a pie.  People around the farm neighborhood can attest to that.  I’ve eaten a few pieces of Bonnie’s pies myself, before she passed.

I’m tried baking a few in the CrockPot.  They were delicious.



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