MacBook Air


img_2270Rightly named, and giving me the notion that I am an airhead, I have bought a new computer.  Hoo-boy.

I don’t want to say, “What was I thinking?,” but what was I thinking?  I wanted reliability, portability, and security.  I probably DO have all three of those, but so far, I don’t have full usability, a critical element, for sure.

For instance, how do I word process to write my blog?  How do I cut and paste?  How do all the files work?  And how do I know how much power I have left before I need to plug in?  Can I have more than one screen open?  How?  What are the shortcuts?  Can you hear my voice raising to a shriek?  And where the heck is spell check?

I’m sure I’ll be building brain cells with this new and steep learning curve…that is if I don’t counteract the new cells by promptly destroying them when drinking wine to “relax” after a chat-fest with my new friend, Miss Mac.

It’s a dilemma.  I’ll let you know how it all shakes down.




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  1. DITTO , I feel the same way about my new computer from threeeeeee long years ago, I’m still learning, failing, befudled, entranced and burning up brain cells to keep going. One thing for sure, when it’s working with you, it takes you to new heights… I say, never, NO NEVER give up.

  2. It is ok because I’m dealing with chemo brain here and probably wouldn’t notice any errors anyway! I always enjoy your writing! LOL.

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