Merry Christmas



If I had to choose one word that would define the year of 2016 for me, it would be FAMILY.

Remember, family comes in all shapes and configurations and is not only determined by birth or blood or even marriage. For me, I am related to my family by love.

Year ‘round, I am enveloped by my sisters and brothers, their spouses and our parents in North Carolina, Georgia, and Wisconsin. I couldn’t survive without them, and I hope I give back just a little of what they give to me. Laughter is everything. Presence, in many forms, is everything.

My Australian family hosted me in Sydney. It was an amazing time, swimming as the sun rose over the oceanside pool, walking beaches, visiting vineyards in Tasmania, and shopping in Melbourne. I could live there. And then, Patrick visited me in November. Who knew a busy, funny, adventuresome young man would want to spend time with me?

My Arizona family, and that includes my BFF, welcomed me for a few days, and we picked up, just as family-of-the-heart does…right where we left off. Some things never change, and it’s all good.

My Lake Waccamaw family helped me celebrate my birthday in June, accompanied me to Wisconsin for a whirlwind week, and fed me Thanksgiving dinner. They fed me more than that. They fed my soul.

Last, but not least, I have my neighbors, who have become my family, as well. We have a book club, frequent dinners, snow day movie fests, walking times, talking times, and even some crying times. We look out for one another.

I hope this heartfelt, though maybe not so creative letter finds you well and happy. May each of you be surrounded by the strength and the joy and laughter, and especially the love of FAMILY at all times. May you feel the Peace of Christ. …and so, Amen.


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  1. remember that book…THE FAMILY OF MAN?….If only…

    Happy you are beloved in the hearts of family and friends. Xoxo Deb. K

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