For the past three years, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions I have chosen a year-word.  I write the word on colorful cards, using a variety of scripts, and I post them around my house.  I have a card on my most-frequently-used door-to-the-outside, my bathroom mirror, on my fridge, on my desk, and propped up on my dresser.  My first year-word was Listen, then Look, and last year’s word was Give.  That one about kicked my butt to the curb, by the way. 

The year 2016 was something else in many glorious and shocking ways.  Not just for me, either.  So, I took its events, both public and personal, into consideration to choose my word for 2017, and I settled on Accept.  There were many factors to ponder before making my choice.  My word needed to be a verb, so I could take action.  It needed to be realistic, and it needed to be applicable to my self-improvement goals. 

Hoo-boy.  Self-improvement goals.  I have many, but according to one of my sisters, I need to find my Zen.  I will admit there’s some truth in this suggestion. Well, actually, a lot of truth. I have trouble being flexible and spontaneous.  I tend to get pretty intense about what I cannot change.  Sort of freaking out and panic-y, since I am being brutally honest.  So I thought Accepting would be a good place for me to begin.

If I can focus on Acceptance, and learn to be more open to the unexpected this year, I will have gained something, character-wise, anyway.  Also I would like to be less judgmental, and more open-minded.  Acceptance is part of the Serenity Prayer, and I have to admit, feeling peace is pretty awesome.  I’ve found a lot of that in the last six years.  It would be wonderful to release anxiety, and Accept what I have before me, whatever comes my way, and to just be a nicer person.  I think it’s a pretty good year-word, and if the last three choices are indicators, my Zen is just around the corner.


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