Snow Days…


Southerners really know how to embrace snow.  We go out to clear the store shelves of bread and milk, even if we don’t eat bread or drink milk.  We visit hardware stores for sidewalk salt and snow shovels, oh, and sleds.  No sled?  Not to worry…there are cardboard boxes and trash can lids.  Don’t want to drive in the snow?  Can’t, anyway.  Only the main roads are cleared.  Schools are closed.  Neighborhood streets remain covered and iced.  We park our cars facing out of the driveway, in case of an emergency, and it would have to be.  What we really do is hunker down, make a big pot of soup, get a good book or a movie or a bunch of good books and movies, curl up and BE.


That was me last weekend.  The hunkering down part, anyway.

They say if you want the four seasons, live through a week in North Carolina.  And so, four days after the big snowfall, the temperatures were in the sixties, and I was outside in my yard, cleaning up the debris I didn’t get to before December.  I raked leaves, trimmed dead perennials, cut back the knockout roses, filled the bird feeders, and dug up dead plants. Today, I planted a new dwarf spruce tree.

The entire week was a lesson in contrasts.  Good to have.  And I liked both sides of the coin.








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