Being Handy…


Well, I’ve been at it again.  I’ve completed another home repair all by my ownself, thank you very much. 

Backing up…my former spouse was of the old school fix-anything type.  He built houses for heaven’s sake, and with a helper, he remodeled the interior of our home the last two years I lived with him.  So when I was on my own, I was befuddled about ‘most everything except the simplest of tasks.  Oh, I could hang a picture and tighten a screw, but for anything else, I was clueless.  I had a mantra, though…”I can learn.” 

I know a few women that can fix or repair or construct a lot of things.  My BFF in Arizona is one, and my number two sister in Wisconsin in another.  These ladies can change faucets, reroof a house, build a photo booth, and more.  Hence…inspiration. 

I can learn, and I have.  In the past six years, I have installed a flagstone path to my front door, built a cupboard out of old shutters, and installed top-down/bottom-up window shades in my entire house.  I even replaced the flapper in my toilet tank.  I’m pretty sure I posted blogs on three out of four of those projects.

Now the latest…I have one of those kitchen-corner-cabinet lazy susan’s.  The one that came with the house was plastic, and had broken from the weight of stored items over time.  My sister, when visiting early on, switched the shelves so the broken one was on the bottom.  I wanted to replace the plastic one with a metal lazy susan, and I found my new purchase on  Don’t you just love that site?  Through phone consultations with my sister, and with my mighty tape measure, I ordered one,  prayed it would fit, and waited the two days.

It arrived as promised, and I unpacked the box, emptied the cupboard, read the directions umpteen times, finally making sense of steps one through 5, and got my trusty screwdriver charged up.  It took a lot of wrestling to get the old one out, the new one partially assembled, and shoved into its tight but perfectly fitting spot, but I did it.  I had to lie on my back with head, arms, and shoulders inside the cupboard, but I did it.  I had to add the top shelf inside the cabinet (contrary to the instructions), push and pull, and wiggle and cajole the stainless steel post into place, but I did it.  I had to load the top shelf with cans and wait for gravity to drop it into place, but I did it.


I’m not particularly handy, but I can learn.


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  1. THE POWER of POSITIVE THINKING… your “play by play” description of the deed was riveting DEB!
    I felt every tug and true grit you experienced. Your writing style is like your spirit: a can do soul you are indeed. I think you should delve into creating children’s books. Your mind is so imaginative.
    Think on that.

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