When the cat’s away…


What do my pets do when I am gone?  I have often wondered.  Used to be, I would leave my home every time, with the admonishment to my animals, “Don’t play the stereo too loud.”  Really…I didn’t even have a stereo.

I still say, “Don’t play the stereo too loud,” but I expect the dog and cat to just sleep in my absence.  Yesterday, my little dog, Hattie, and I came home to find that more went on in our absence than loud stereo playing.   Definitely, a party had taken place.    

In this case, I was the cat and while I was away, Mr. Beedle Weedleman, my kitty turned “mouse,” had been busy. He had found a ball of yarn, and had “danced” it all over the living room, and into the kitchen.  Evidence points to a good time had by him, and I like to think his dancing song was Who Let the Dogs Out.



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  1. Zig/Zag turn around… boot scootin” Kitty’s….
    All they needed to add was some music and it would go VIRAL, the only thing missing would be a hidden video camera to capture it all… your words made it possible for us to IMAGINE what happened! Thanks Deb, you continue to notice… how delightful and abundant your days must be.

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