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Hygge is pronounced hoo-gah.  Not to be confused with those smoking lounges that seem to be a throwback to the 60’s, this Danish word means “coziness.”  Hygge is apparently a “movement.”  That just makes me want to declare that I have been all about coziness for the last six years.  Ahead of the curve, and I didn’t even know it!

Recently, I read an article in a winter issue of a leading monthly magazine mentioning this word, hygge.  I don’t remember which magazine.  I was in Wisconsin, and I read whatever I can pick up at the folks’ or my sisters’ homes. There is Norwegian heritage there, and when I see something about Scandinavia, my curiosity is peaked.  Anyway, the article included a spread about all things cozy.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and low and behold, in the Sunday Parade insert, was blurb about hygge, and an explanation that this word implies the idea of “embracing happiness and the positive in everyday life.”  There was a picture of a couple in front of a glowing stove wrapped in thick sweaters and socks.  Well, that is just me all over, except for the couple part.

My winter home wardrobe is thick sweaters and socks, afghans, and sometimes a blanket/shawl around my shoulders…sort of a crone-type outfit.  I have my red Plow and Hearth stove glowing like crazy, fairy lights, and candles burning from dusk to bedtime.   It seems I am the height of fashion and immersed in a current trend!

I have often been told by visitors at my tiny house that it is very “cozy.”  This adjective has been used frequently, and I’m glad.  Cozy is comforting, warm, and friendly.  Living in a hygge haven is a joy.  I’m all about happiness and positivity every day, so, hey, I’ll own it.



The Pile Up


Yesterday, I was in a pile up.  Not to worry, though.  It wasn’t like that at all.

It was a dark and rainy day.  Again.  The temperature dropped significantly, and reluctant to turn on the furnace, I switched on my little red stove.   Stretched out on my red chaise lounge, I covered up with one of my many throws.  It was a good opportunity to just read.

I am going to digress here for a little back-story.  1. My red chaise is the craziest piece of furniture I have ever bought.  It is the statement piece of my living room decor, and just looking at it brings me joy.  It is something I could have never owned in my married life.  2. My grandmother crocheted avidly.  She made many cozy throws and afghans.  We all have some.  I crochet, too, and I love a good “blankie” to cover with, even in the summer.

So, there I was, deep into my book.  First, my little dog, Hattie, jumped up and made herself comfortable on top of my legs.  Moments later, Mr. Beedle Ray Weedleman joined us on my lower chest.  The whole living, breathing family of my household was piled up right there in front of the stove on the red chaise.  Yep, I was involved in a pile up…of just plain joy.

The red stove, the red chaise, a blankie, a doggie and a kitty, a really good book.  Hoo-boy.

IMG_0412 IMG_0418