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On Book Clubs…


I have a wonderful book club now, and I’ve been a member of three other book clubs previously.  The best one is now, and the worst one is the one I joined right after I moved here. 

The funniest one lasted one afternoon, and was a conversation about books read in which none of us could remember the books’ titles, the authors, and the plots.  I wrote a blog on that one called “The Bad Memory Book Club.”  You can go back and read that for a laugh, if you want.

The worst one was a group of people who met at the public library.  Everyone read random books, and then just sort of reported on the book each had read.  The group of people was very nice, and we all got a variety of titles of which we might want to read in the future, but there was no unity, friendship, or refreshments (i.e. wine).

The reason my best book club is the one I am in now, is that…uh…I am in it now.  I loved the retired teachers’ book club that I left back in Arizona.  We’d all taught together for many years.  We had a history and a present.  I am still on their emailing list, and some of them read this blog.  That book club is the prototype for my current one.  Books are chosen for the entire year, assigned a month, a host, and a date, and there you go.


My current book club formed from my neighbor gatherings.  One of the women said, “Let’s have a Book Club!”  If she’s said, “Let’s put on a show, ” we might’ve done that, too, but thank God, it was a book club.  So, we morphed from monthly dinners to monthly book discussions.  Two members moved away, and we absorbed two.  We are a diverse group…ages 40’s to 70’s…married, widowed, and divorced.  All of us live, except one, in the same square mile…well, really less than a square mile.  Some still work, most of us are retired.  All of us are physically and mentally active and compassionate.  All of us practice our own particular crafts, of sorts, in our own way.  Pretty much, all of us enjoy a glass of wine.

We all have a lot to say about the books!  Oh, the books…that is the journey, rather than the destination.



The Bad Memory Book Club…


Let me tell you about the first meeting of the Bad Memory Book Club.  It consists of five members, all between the ages of 45 and 70 something, but one of us slept through the entire book discussion, so it was only four active members.  All of the final four read regularly.  We pretty much read everything from Bill Maher’s New Rules to Alexander McCall Smith’s #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series.

Our discussion went something like this:

Member:   What have you been reading?

Other Member:   Those books Third Member gave me.

Third Member:   One of them came from you, Member.  You know…the one with the girl in the red dress holding her shoes on the cover.

Member:   What was the story about?

Other Member:   About some women who did things.  It has every vice know to mankind in it.

Fourth Member:    Did you mark the good parts?

Third Member to Member:   You liked it.

Member:   Can I see the book?  Oh, yes.  This was a good story.

Fourth Member:    Mom, would you return this book to South High School?  I took it out when I was a sophomore.  The librarian was busy, so I didn’t bother to check it out.

Other Member:    Did you like it?

Fourth Member:    Yeah, I think so.

Member:    I read a good book by Anna Quinlan about a guy who tries to raise an abandoned baby.  I forget the title, but it was really good. 

Third Member:  Oh, it looks like Member #5 is awake.

Fourth Member:  This was a great discussion.  We ought to do it again.

Member #5:  Did I fall asleep?

All this with a lot of laughs at ourselves, and without benefit of any alcoholic beverage or wine, whatsoever!  I can’t wait till the next meeting!  Is reading great, or what?