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Holy Moments…


Thinking back, I recognize some moments I know as holy that occurred in my past life.  I didn’t have a name for them, but they were golden, just the same.  Holy moments come often to me now; following one after the other from the time my mind becomes aware right before waking until my eyes slam shut as I lose myself to sleep.

I’ve had so many holy moments the past four-and-a-half years, I’ve lost count.  This Sunday, last, I experienced a moment so sacred, I could barely breathe.

I listened to words that I had written… strung together, actually… performed publically.  The place was church.  The words were a prayer. The prayer was broken into parts, read by three different women, one of which was my niece.  We, the congregation, responded at the end of each reading, and then sang a further response.

They didn’t sound like my words, though I recognized them.  The delivery was so beautifully directed and enacted.  The voices were so sincere and rich.  The background music was so poignant.  What a holy moment.

I just wish I had a way to tell you about it.