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Blue, the Color, not the Mood…


When the snow covers the rolling fields and hills of southern Wisconsin, at two times of day the world looks BLUE.  It is amazing.  The blue is a soft, light navy-ish purple.  Though I try to capture this color in a photo, because I don’t have the words, it needs to be seen in person.

FullSizeRender (3)

I have a hard time pinning down a favorite color, and if asked, I would answer that mine is red, not blue, but blue takes a very close second place. The blues that I am attracted to are sometimes vivid, and sometimes subtle.  The two-blue-times of day are more subtle.

It is hard to have “subtle” on a sunny day when the snow covers rural Wisconsin, though. Then, the blinding light hurts our blue Norwegian eyes.  I say “our” with tongue-in-cheek.  If you know me, you know that my complexion is more Mediterranean than Scandinavian, but I do have those eyes.

Yesterday was a photographer’s dream day.  Everything looked sharp and focused.  As is typical for me, I did not have my phone, and couldn’t capture the blinding blue of the sky, which I would call Carolina Blue, the blue to which I return tomorrow.

Vivid or subtle, I can see why blue is often used to describe the moods of longing and need.  Next time I get my Wisconsin fix, it will be summer. That season brings a whole new pallet of blues, the color.

For right now, I struggle a bit with blue, the mood. Hoo-boy.