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It’s back to school time.  And though it’s just first weeks, I found myself subbing and surrounded by young people.  That led me to thinking…

It is amazing how the human body is designed.  This first came to my awareness when I broke my dominant right wrist back in 2011, in the depths of my brokenness.  Yes, pun intended.  Wouldn’t you know that I had to actually, really break something, to get my attention.

Anyway…I had an elbow cast which locked my arm at a right angle.  I couldn’t do much of anything with my right hand…couldn’t brush my teeth, fasten my bra, and even more personal self-care tasks.

All that made me think at the time of the miracle of engineering, by which we were put together.  It’s a God thing.  And it all came to mind when I thought about knees, this past week, as I watched kids rapidly run up and down three flights of stairs.

I was subbing for the Middle School, and I had stair duty.  The upper school really is upstairs.  At dismissal, the kids leave by the stairwell, and my spot was the mid-tier.  Hoo-boy.  You should see the way those kids go downstairs!  Those feet and knees move at super speed!  I used to go downstairs that way.  I remember.

Nowadays, I often go down the steps one at a time with the same foot.  Mostly, it’s slow, sometimes I go right left, but I always hold a rail.  I have a fear of pitching forward.  It’s all in the knees.  And the quads.  I’m fairly light.  I’m fairly agile.  But…hello, 70.  Body parts just wear out.  Knees and legs don’t lift the body, or let the body down, as it were, like they used to.  Falling is a reality.

It’s good to notice what used to be, and appreciate a good working body that is now.  The kids next door and my nieces and nephews remind me of agility and the spontaneity of life.  As for me,  I just want to be able to move, yes literally move through the rest of  my life.  Oh, welcome back to school!




Flip flops in my yard, bicycles in my driveway…


IMG_0295 (1)

No, I do not have children or grandchildren nearby.  My nieces and nephews one block over are too busy with sports, music lessons, and homework at this time of year to do a drop-by.  These items come from the kids next door.  I love those kids.

As I have written before, they have the largest yard in the neighborhood.  Theirs is the equivalent of two, maybe even three lots.  Yet, most days after school, they are playing in my yard, front and back.  They are climbing my dogwood tree.  And now, they are leaving their bikes parked in my driveway.  They spread out, those ones do.

When I was clearing out a flower bed yesterday, I found a golf ball, tennis ball, and an arrow.  Oh my, what that arrow must have missed to land where it did.  I am leaving it.  In back, there is a football by the side of the house.


I took the flip-flops over to their yard, moved the bikes so I could back my car out, and I thought how wonderful it is to have all this LIFE surging around me.