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Oprah and Me…


Dear Oprah,

I saw you on The Talk the other day.  You, once again, moved me.  You talked about leaving a legacy, and how Maya taught you that you never know what that legacy is going to be.


Let me back up.  You would have loved the Picture Day at my school, back in the 80’s, when I stepped up to have my photo snapped.  As I posed, one of my first grade boys called out, “Mrs. Horton, you look just like Oprah!”  I can’t tell you how I loved that spontaneous remark.  I’ve held you in my heart as a Sister ever since.

My connection with you became stronger, and much more spiritual later, when I heard you tell on your show, about how much you wanted a role in The Color Purple.  You told about how you just finally surrendered to God, that if it be His will, you would get the role.  By the way, you mentioned on The Talk the other day, how badly you wanted that role.  God meant for me to hear of your surrender, because not too many years later, I told God, “I’m out of ideas.  God, I’m giving his to You,” and He put into process the events which changed my life, and led me to His door, literally.

For years, I have tucked into my journal, a page called “Ten Things I Know For Sure.”  You know it.  You composed it.  I have read it over so many times, I have it memorized.  One of them is about gratitude.  I am practicing it everyday.

Here are some other connections:  I live in Winston-Salem, NC.  You know that’s Maya’s town.  I subscribed to your magazine.  Okay…those are stretches, but, “Hey!”  I love road trips.  I think Gayle is great, too.  Still stretching.

So, let’s get back to the legacy…Oprah, I am so happy you impressed the women of The Talk that they have a responsibility.  We all have a responsibility.  We all say things.  I can only pray that the Holy Spirit guides me, and has guided me to say something helpful, and not hurtful.  I just pray my legacy has empowered others in a small way, the way you have empowered me. 

And we will never really know, will we?


Your Sister/Doppleganger


Body language…


I get Oprah’s magazine every month. My friend-sister gave me this subscription, and I really enjoy the positive, validating, affirming articles contained therein. One of my favorite features is from contributors who answer the same provocative statements for the writers to complete. I always think about what my answers would be to the same questions.

Not too long ago, the fill-in statements were about body image, and WOW! I really thought about what my responses would be. Body image is something I have struggled with my entire life. I have believed myself to be chubby and soft. At times, I have been told I was too skinny and gaunt. While I try to be physically active, doing yoga and lifting weights, in a twenty-four hour day, I do the exercise part about an hour, max, and what I would rather be doing…sitting and reading or sewing the other fifteen waking hours. I have not been anorexic or bulimic, but I have certainly understood, a little, those who have eating disorders.

So, here are my responses to complete the statements:

The three words that best describe my body are…busy, useful, ever-changing.

When my body needs a pick-me-up…I dig in the dirt or rake, and then have a margarita.

I was shocked when I learned that my body could…diagnose my emotional state before my mind recognized despair. My body tends to fall away, to the extreme, when I am in an emotional crisis mode. I chub-up when I bounce back. Then I have to work at attaining a good balance. This is at least a three year process, and has happened to me three times in my life. I hope all that is over, but it probably isn’t.

In my next life, I’d like the body of…(now this one, I have multiple responses) a pampered poodle, who gets total care and devotion; OR Peter Pan…I always wanted to fly; OR a runway model, tall, thin, with lots of thick, heavily-bodied, softly curled auburn hair.

Seriously, in my next life, I would like to be an angel, looking down on and guarding/guiding a woman just like me, who is glad to have a working healthy body, and just wants a little balance and TLC.