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Counting Blessings…


This is Holy Week, and I am trying especially hard to be spiritually mindful.  I haven’t exactly lived a charmed life, but I have always had much for which to be grateful, and I have always recognized that I am fortunate in many, many ways.  I am an optimist.  Remember, that’s my super-power.

So getting to the point, I have begun the habit of making sure I recognize ten things each day that I have considered to be blessings.  I began this some months ago, and I have realized that some days this habit has come more easily than others. 

I have thanked God for my sisters, living parents, my brothers, all family members, my faith, the Holy Eucharist, and my church community. I have been grateful for a good night’s sleep, a hot cup of coffee, my little dog and my kitty, a shower, my warm coat, a new pair of shoes, nice clothes, and the rain.  I have been grateful for my good mattress, clean sheets, a good television and a good PBS show to watch, NPR radio, and sufficient funds to pay my bills.  I have counted staying upright, yoga classes, friends on the other side of the Earth, travel opportunities, clean teeth, warm pajamas, my red stove in the winter, and a nice supper with a glass of wine as daily blessings.

I’ve told myself, when I felt as if I were searching, that it was ridiculous.  If I couldn’t easily think of ten things as blessings, then I wasn’t being very grateful.  So I kept going…good health, a nice car, a tutoring child, a good hair day, a darling house, a nice yard, a good neighborhood, wonderful neighbors and friends, my book club, the women who invited me to play cards and schedule the meetings on days I can come, my BFF who calls me every Friday on her way home from school, my Saturday morning coffee/faith group, and good books to read, my peaceful single life, flowers that bloom and birds that sing, and even more I can’t remember right now.

THEN, last Sunday, I saw a documentary movie about women in Nepal.  Hoo-boy.  All of my gratitudes are of the First World type.  So, this week, Holy Week, I have been grateful for windows and doors in my home, a wood-not-dirt floor, a flush toilet (and thank you, very much for Thomas Crapper, who invented it),  a refrigerator, an automatic washer and dryer inside my house, hot and cold running water, shoes period, food and plenty of it, an inside gas stove to cook such food by just flipping a knob, clean air, fresh water, a sink inside in which to wash dishes, soap and shampoo, American citizenship, toothbrushes, feet to walk and hands to work and eyes to see and ears to hear and lips to talk.  A good clear mind is also a remarkable blessing.

Yes, I am showered with blessings of all magnitudes.  Being able to count ten a day is another blessing, too.


My tiny house, as view through my blooming Dogwood, blessings for sure.


What is your superpower?


My brother has “recognized” a superpower for each one of his children.  One child’s is compassion, one’s is the ability to remember unimportant trivia, and one’s gift is the ability for quiet and individual, imaginative play.  When I was staying with his family, and because I had lost my sense of self during that time, I asked him to identify my superpower.  I can’t remember what he said, but it seemed to fit, and I was satisfied.

Now I am in a better place, emotionally, and I have recovered more of myself, and I can recognize what my own superpower is.   It is optimism.  Last week, an acquaintance observed, “You always look so happy.  Every time I see you, you seem to not have a care in the world.  Seeing you makes me happy.”  What a generous gift that was of her to give me, and a tribute to how far I have come from being the woman standing behind the pillar in church sobbing uncontrollably one Sunday morning!

Like everyone else, I do have cares, but I can find the best of any situation.  My brother said of me once, “If the ship was sinking, and we were standing in water, you would say, ‘At least we have plenty to drink.’”  It sounds kind of silly, but that is SO me.

If it is raining, I am happy for the plants.  If it is cold, I am grateful that it isn’t too hot, too early in the season.  If my dog chewed up a tissue, I’m glad it isn’t this morning’s paper.  If my hair won’t behave, I’m glad it’s cool enough to pop on a hat.  I am pretty much just a grateful person.

And why not?  I have plenty of food, more clothing than I need or can actually wear,  my tiny house, my faith, my health, my family and friends near and far/old and new.  Optimism is an incredible superpower.  I’m going to keep it.