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Hunkering Down for a Hurricane



Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 3.46.11 PM

Well, this is a new one for me.  I’ve written about snow storms in the South, but so far, hurricanes have been for those other people on the coast.  Apparently, not this time.  We are expecting Hurricane Florence to hit sometime after the next forty-eight hours, and she is supposed to be a doozy, heading straight inland with 80 mph winds.  (I’m bordering the bright orange to orange colored areas.)

I wasn’t especially concerned until my sister in Greensboro texted me.  Here is what she said, paraphrased, “You better get yourself ready, and those fur babies of yours, too.  Get gas so you can escape.  Have their carriers ready.  Make sure you have light, and fill a cooler with ice.  Also have cash, and food.  Fill your bathtub with water.”  Okay, so some of that could have sounded more urgent in my own mind, and some could’ve come from my brother, as well, and oh, the TV.

So I had to ask…escape?  Escape where?  What’s the cash for?  What’s the gas for?  What do I put in the cooler, for heaven’s sake?  And the bathtub of water?  Won’t be drinkin’ that.  A wine stock-up, I can see, but that wasn’t on the warning/preparatory list.

The tub water is for flushing.  Oh, yeah.  Good plan.  The gas and cash are in case a tree takes out my roof, and I have to take the “kids” and stay in a motel.  Food,  also, a good plan, and ice cream won’t hold.  The ice and cooler’s for wine, I guess, though I’m good with room temperature.  So maybe it’s for milk and hard-boiled eggs.

Now I’m getting sort of nervous, and then my neighbor tells me when Hugo struck back in the day, she was without power for six (6!) days.  So I’ve gathered up all my yard art and bird feeders to save them from blowing all over the yard.  I’ve turned my deck furniture on its sides, and yes, I got gas, cash, and will fill the tub tomorrow.  Hoo-boy.

I just hope all this is for naught.  Meanwhile, I may just be making a wine run, as well.


Hold off on the ark…


“Here comes the sun,” as The Beatles once said.  It has been a very, very rainy two weeks here in the North Carolina Piedmont.  While we did not get the two dozen inches of rain that the people of Columbia, South Carolina did, we got more than our fair share.

The excessive rain came from a double banger…a front from the west and a hurricane from the east.  Thankfully, the hurricane was downgraded, and did not come ashore.  We were blessed; however, with all the sky had to throw at us for a time, and though we were in need of rain, it was overdone.

Here at my tiny house, I recorded 3.5 inches in two days.  I emptied the rain gauge, and the second round is shown in my photo.  A huge power outage resulted on Sunday for four hours.  Fortunately, the power was out from 9:30am to 1:30pm, and though the skies were overcast and spitting, it was still light enough and the temperatures mild enough to see and be comfortable.  No Internet, TV, cooking, and I even limited phone use, as I wanted to save the charge on my phone, but I did have the good old-fashioned Sunday newspaper, complete with many ads and inserts.


Now, the sun shines.  It is good to have such reminders of the simple things and all for which to be grateful.  I didn’t need that ark, or even a canoe.