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Making Stuff…


Two years ago, two of my neighbors and I got together to create Vision Boards.   A Vision Board is a way put forward the setting of goals and to visualize one’s Ideal. 

My “board” morphed into a book that I called My Life’s Intentions.  I ended up with about 23 pages.  Some were esoteric goals like: be a friend; live my faith; pursue peace; and be joyful,  Others were more concrete like:  write, write, write; live my faith; keep family close; and care for my pets.


Many were day-to-day intentions, and others were long-term goals.

Long-term goals were to travel to Australia.  Tick.  Exercise.  Tick.  Dress nicely.  Tick, I hope.

And the one to which I dedicated this weekend was:  Make Stuff.

I have been making stuff since I was a kid.  Mostly, as an adult, I have paper crafted and sewed.  My high school friend/college roommate taught me to sew, so that I could have more clothes.  (See Dress nicely.) 

In sewing, I found my niche by repurposing already existing items.  I’ve made aprons from skirts and shirts.  I’ve made smocks from shirts, purses and bags from upholstery material and old wool coats and sweaters.  I’ve made pillows, quilts, and more.

Enter Pinterest.  I saw a dress I liked from repurposed men’s shirts.  I was motivated and inspired.  I went to Goodwill, and I got going.  It was a great afternoon, and I ended up with a dress. 


Making stuff.  Never completely a tick, but a start.


I’m wasting my life taking Facebook Quizzes…


Yes, it is true. I can’t resist. Somehow, these quizzes draw me to try to “know” myself better. When I first came into my new life, someone asked me, “What do you like?” I was struck dumb. I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know what I liked.

Though, as a married woman, I liked to read, I couldn’t read anymore. I couldn’t concentrate on the printed page. I liked to garden. I didn’t have any dirt, and it was winter, three thousand miles from where I had lived for nearly thirty years. I liked to craft. I was living in my “baby” brother’s spare bedroom. I liked to sew. My machine was in my destined-to-be-former-spouse’s home.

Now, I have a wonderful, though tiny house. I have shelves and shelves of books. I have my sewing machine that I can set up at my kitchen table anytime I wish. I have boxes of crafting supplies.

Still, I search for “who I am in the eyes of others.”

So, now I know. I am Ranch Salad Dressing. I am Harry Potter’s House of Hufflepuff. I am Keirsey’s Personality of Artisan. I am Mr. Kotter, famous teacher. I am ABBA’s song, Winner Takes It All, and I am the four letter word HOPE that describes me. WTF? And I try not to swear anymore.

What do any of these things have to do with me? Especially the salad dressing for God’s sake, and that is a prayer. So, for Lent, which is coming up in ten days, I am giving up taking Facebook quizzes. I mean, if I don’t know who I am now, then I am a lost cause, and let me assure you, I AM NOT.

I would like to be paid to write the questions and multiple choices for some of these quizzes, though. I think I could BE really creative.