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Wait in the Waiting Room


“Wait” is my year word for 2018.  Who knew I would need such a word on which to rely?  Well, I guess we all know who knew.  But it wasn’t me, at the time it came to me.

I, along with my sister, have spent the entire month of August in waiting rooms at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, right here in Winston-Salem.  Baptist is a teaching hospital, and according to the standing adverts in several now familiar waiting rooms, rated the “best in the state” and “one of the top in the nation” in neurology, according to U.S. News & World Report.  That rating has been a source of consolation, but I am going to tell you, the waiting rooms would not receive such accolades.

There are waiting rooms, and then there are waiting rooms.  I never knew there were so many kinds of waiting rooms.  There is one for everything…for the CT scans, for the blood draws, for the EKGs, for the families while their loved ones are in surgery, for the doctors’ appointments, and for admissions and for discharges.  There are waiting areas, not to be confused with actual rooms,  for the transport vans to arrive and drop.  I think there are waiting rooms for the waiting rooms.

My step-dad is enduring a medical crisis, and Baby Sister and I are his “go-to” people.  We’ve developed a criteria for a good waiting room, and here is it, in no particular order:

Good magazines.  Up-to date, but Field & Stream doesn’t cut it.

Snacks.  Close by, not three floors down, and seven corridors to the left and right.

Comfortable seating.  Preferably a recliner or two.  Definitely a sofa or two.

Available blankets and pillows.  We would greatly appreciate the warmed up kind, please.  Those places are like a butcher’s freezer.

Attractive wall art.  I guess cows are acceptable.

T.V. with working remotes.   NOT tuned and locked in to Fox News, for Lord’s sake.  A loop of all seasons of Big Bang Theory might be nice.

And frankly, a complimentary cocktail bar would be a real perk, but I’m guessing that is just crazy dreaming.

Our Five Star ratings go to the Neurology Waiting Room, 4th floor, Janeway Tower and the Family Waiting Room of Surgical Services.  They both have huge windows overlooking the city to the west and the helicopter pad.  We can see the comings and goings of the emergency chopper, the weather, and  feel like life still moves forward.

I have to say that Family waiting at the Neuro ICU, Ardmore 5th floor, is pretty good, too. Maybe four stars.   There’s a little kitchen with microwave and fridge.  One family we talked to had set up a nice little camp at one end of the lounge.  They’d been there a week, and were from out-of-town.  There is always someone who is worse off than you, if you look around.

Meanwhile…we “wait.”









For the past three years, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions I have chosen a year-word.  I write the word on colorful cards, using a variety of scripts, and I post them around my house.  I have a card on my most-frequently-used door-to-the-outside, my bathroom mirror, on my fridge, on my desk, and propped up on my dresser.  My first year-word was Listen, then Look, and last year’s word was Give.  That one about kicked my butt to the curb, by the way. 

The year 2016 was something else in many glorious and shocking ways.  Not just for me, either.  So, I took its events, both public and personal, into consideration to choose my word for 2017, and I settled on Accept.  There were many factors to ponder before making my choice.  My word needed to be a verb, so I could take action.  It needed to be realistic, and it needed to be applicable to my self-improvement goals. 

Hoo-boy.  Self-improvement goals.  I have many, but according to one of my sisters, I need to find my Zen.  I will admit there’s some truth in this suggestion. Well, actually, a lot of truth. I have trouble being flexible and spontaneous.  I tend to get pretty intense about what I cannot change.  Sort of freaking out and panic-y, since I am being brutally honest.  So I thought Accepting would be a good place for me to begin.

If I can focus on Acceptance, and learn to be more open to the unexpected this year, I will have gained something, character-wise, anyway.  Also I would like to be less judgmental, and more open-minded.  Acceptance is part of the Serenity Prayer, and I have to admit, feeling peace is pretty awesome.  I’ve found a lot of that in the last six years.  It would be wonderful to release anxiety, and Accept what I have before me, whatever comes my way, and to just be a nicer person.  I think it’s a pretty good year-word, and if the last three choices are indicators, my Zen is just around the corner.

Who I am and why I am here…


“LOOK” is my year-word for 2015. I used to tell my first graders it was the most important word in the English language, and I thought I’d take my own advice.

This is my 212th bolg post, and I am “looking” to boost my writing/blogging to a higher level. Funny how when I set my mind to something, opportunities begin to present themselves clearly. With “LOOK” as my focus, imagine my interest in the Blogging 101 class. I am “looking” forward to learning and refining my skills.

Who am I? I’m working on figuring that out. The boring answer is that I am a retired elementary teacher, single after a very long marriage, working on establishing a new life. I hope the interesting and poetic answer unfolds as I grow. It’s what I plan to “LOOK” for this year.